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How to improve drainage in your yard

Water comes but doesn’t go?

Some people love rainy weather. They love to sit down with a cup of coffee watching the rain coming down, relaxing in deep thoughts. But what if your yard doesn’t have the proper drainage? That beautiful and resting experience can turn ugly and frustrating really quick.

If your residential property has hills or slopes and lacks good drainage, it could lead to muddy patches and water puddles in your yard, meaning that the soil is retaining too much water. This eventually can weaken the dirt and destroy vegetation.

If the continued water retention occurs beneath the foundation of a home it can also create structural problems, and it can become a costly issue.

A good solution to this problem is to install retaining walls strategically to direct the water away from your home, helping the yard to drain safely and preventing landscaping and structural headaches.

French drains can also be helpful, as they are installed below topsoil to disperse and redirect the excess water. They normally consist of a long trench filled with gravel and a drainage pipe running from the house down to the length of the drain.

If your backyard has drainage problems it is prudent to contact an expert to make an assessment and give you a quote to help you to fix the issue. At Cervenka Masonry we pride ourselves to educate homeowners on correct ways to build structures according to code, using the correct materials, adequate construction and proper drainage, all these needed for long lasting and functional retaining walls.

For an estimate feel free to call us at 704-249-8055 or by email at

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