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The Grass is Always Greener on this Side of the Fence

Artificial grass or fake turf is becoming a good option for many homeowners that struggle to keep their grass areas healthy and green all year long. As you may know the maintenance of natural grass is becoming expensive and it takes a really good professional to upkeep a nice looking yard, otherwise the property may look a little neglected. In this blog we will talk about synthetic grass, its benefits and installation cost.

Artificial grass is made out of synthetic fibers and it is designed to give an authentic grass look. Its durability is up to 25 years and its maintenance is minimum.

The type of fake turf varies, as well as the color and material. In contradiction to the popular belief that it only comes in the color green, artificial grass can also be found in very unconventional colors like blue or pink, among others.

The color green also varies, to darker or lighter shades of green, and some turf might even have shades of brown to give a more realistic look like natural grass.

Many are the benefits of installing artificial grass, one of them being that it has a very low maintenance. Here is a quick list of few of the pros for reference:

  • Does not require watering.

  • Does not need to be mowed.

  • To keep its clean appearance you only need to rinse it down once in a while to remove dust and debris.

  • It will stay green regardless of the season and/or the weather.

  • No need to spend on pesticides, fertilizers or seeds.

If you are thinking about this option for your yard, keep in mind the cost of installation will be between $12 and $15 per square foot (labor and material) depending on the type of turf of your selection.

And like in any yard project, you also need to consider including a very good drainage system at the time of installation to make sure the water runs freely out of your property.

For additional information and a free estimate feel free to contact Cervenka Masonry at 704-249-8055, and visit our facebook page to enjoy a video of the before and after artificial turf.

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