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All you need to know about material for your project

Material selection is a very important step for your project. We would like to share with you some important tips that we know you may find helpful at the time to decide what material to choose.

  • Get informed

There are so many choices in the market. Do you want a concrete patio?, or perhaps you prefer pavers, or tile? Any installer will need to know in advance what material do you want installed before giving you an estimate.

For example, if you decide to go with

pavers, get familiar with the different brands, colors and prices. Your contractor should be able to recommend what type of paver he considers a better fit for your project and budget, as well as brochures and actual samples of the paver. Don’t be afraid to ask for this.

  • Time matters

If you have a timeline and need your project completed as soon as possible, or within a month, let your contractor know this even before you retain his services. Some customers assume the contractor can start the project right away and that is not always the case. Even if the contractor is available to start the project the same day, he will need to first order the material and wait for it to be delivered.

If the material you selected is in stock, it may be delivered within two weeks. If it is not, you may be looking at weeks before the material can become available for installation. So always check with your contractor about the time frame. At Cervenka Masonry we like to keep our customers informed of every stage of the project, therefore we always let them know when their material will arrive, once we have received confirmation from the warehouse.

  • Take a Field Trip

The color of the material can be different on paper or on the computer. That is why we like to offer our customers the option to meet with them in person at the shop. Once there, you will have our undivided attention to answer any questions, while we walk with you explaining your choices. We can also arrange everything for you to visit the shop on your own, if that will make you more comfortable.

If you have any questions about this topic feel free to email us a or give us a call at 704-249-8055. Don't forget to visit our facebook page and leave us your comments and questions.

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