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Can a Paver Patio be a Good Investment for your Home?

The answer is simple, yes! A patio, of any kind, can add beauty and commodity to your home, and it can help it to increase in value. Many experts consider that this type of home improvement can deliver a return investment anywhere between 30% to 60%. Alina Kochergin, a realtor agent with eXp Realty, explains that in today’s market “you just might be able to recoup most of the cost!.” It is safe to say that an outdoor space is a must for many homeowners. Kochergin affirms that

All you need to know about material for your project

Material selection is a very important step for your project. We would like to share with you some important tips that we know you may find helpful at the time to decide what material to choose. Get informed There are so many choices in the market. Do you want a concrete patio?, or perhaps you prefer pavers, or tile? Any installer will need to know in advance what material do you want installed before giving you an estimate. For example, if you decide to go with pavers, get f

Q&As about stamped concrete

If you are considering stamped concrete for your patio you may have some of this common questions in mind: Q: Is stamp concrete a budget friendly option? A: That will depend on your budget, but it is definitely more affordable than natural stone, brick and pavers. Q: How long does stamped concrete last? A: Concrete is durable and long lasting. It can last about 25 years. Q: Does stamped concrete crack? A: You have to take in consideration that, even when installers do their

What you need to know about free estimates

At Cervenka Masonry we offer free estimates. By our company policy, we contact the client to set up an initial consultation free of charge. At the time of the first appointment, one of our team members will walk the area with the customer to answer any questions he may have and confirm if the project is doable in the space available. After collecting the design information we will be able to send you a detailed estimated within few days from that first appointment. After rece

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