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What you need to know about free estimates

At Cervenka Masonry we offer free estimates. By our company policy, we contact the client to set up an initial consultation free of charge. At the time of the first appointment, one of our team members will walk the area with the customer to answer any questions he may have and confirm if the project is doable in the space available.

After collecting the design information we will be able to send you a detailed estimated within few days from that first appointment.

After receiving the first estimate, some customers might request an additional meeting or make some changes to the original design and request a new estimate. Some companies might be happy to do a second free consultation, while others may have a fee. Here are few pointers that can help you to take advantage to the maximum of that initial consultation and avoid future consultation fees.

  1. Do your own research on what features you might want to have in your patio, and then reduce your selections to the ones you feel they are a "must" in your project. This will help you to keep the conversation focused on the items you want and need, and avoid other distractions that may not fit in your budget and/or space.

  2. Research the material you would like to use on your project. This will help you to have a better idea of what the cost of the project might be and keep you within your budget. You can also inform of the material selection to your contractor and ask him to bring with him samples of the colors that you are more incline to use. This will save time for both parties.

  3. Ask, ask and don't forget to ask. Make a list of all the questions you might have and take advantage that the contractor will be on site to show him the areas you may have concerns about.

Preparing yourself for the appointment will benefit both, you and the contractor. You will gain more knowledge that could help you to understand better the project, and the contractor will know that you have done your research. This will help him to stay honest and direct about the job. Good luck!

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