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Don't Let Erosion Control your Backyard

Elements like water and wind can damage the soil in your backyard and lead you landscape erosion. This will slowly and gradually destroy your backyard. The first thing you must do is to identify the problem. Look for the following signs to confirm if you need to help your landscape to heal:

Signs of Erosion

  • Erode soil cannot embrace vegetation. Unfortunately plants are not able to grow because of the lack of nutrients. As we know, plants need to be able to absorb water and other subsistence. If you see that your plants are not thriving you may have an erosion problem due to poor quality of the soil. 

  • You will start seeing cracks on your soil, and in some cases even ditches. The more you neglect the area the bigger the issue will become. Rainy days and windy weather can become a nightmare for homeowners with an erosion problem. This is because these elements will remove more and more soil from its place leaving thinner coats of topsoil, leading to breakdown. 

  • And the third sign and a very important one is drainage. Inspect if the water in your backyard is running where it is supposed to, or if it stays in place creating pools. This sign will tell you if you must act quickly to rescue your backyard.

Fortunately there are plenty of ways to help your backyard to improve from an erosion problem. Once you have identified the problem, make a plan that fits in your knowledge and budget. Remember, if you don’t feel confident to tackle this issue by yourself you can always contact a local professional to provide you guidance about this problem. 

Here are few basic steps to take to regain control of your backyard:

  • Plant grass: There are some options on how to plant grass. You can use seeds and use erosion control blankets to keep the topsoil protected.

  • Plant a garden: Sketch and plan your garden keeping in mind how it can help to restore your backyard. Use strategic locations that will help the water run, avoiding getting stoked in problematic areas. 

  • Build a retaining wall: This option will create stability and protection to the soil against the elements. 

  • Grow more plants: Plants are beneficial agents to prevent and help against erosion.  

  • Improve your drainage system: It is possible that your backyard needs additional help with drainage. You can consult an expert about what he will recommend to improve it. Ask if a French drain will help you to upkeep the quality of your soil. 

The good news is that erosion is a very common and manageable problem. It will take some time and work but we are positive that you can get your backyard ready to enjoy it for the warmer days. At Cervenka Masonry we are always happy to help and answer some of your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 704-249-8055 or by email at

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