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Step by Step You Will Get There

If you guessed that this blog is about walkways you are correct! If you look around, walkways are everywhere with the primary function to connect spaces and make the way to the desired location a little bit more pleasant.

As a homeowner you may know, or at least you might have started noticing the importance of walkways on your property. The functionality of these go from practical like keeping your feet dry and clean, to esthetics like great additions to any landscaping design helping to separate areas in your backyard.

The width of the walkway is the customer's choice, however there are few elements you should consider at the time to decide how wide you want your walkway to be. For example, keep in mind who would use it and how often they would use it. Some walkways are created entirely artistically without any functionality. If this is not the case, experts recommend that a width of 48’’ will provide enough space for two people to walk side by side, or for a double stroller or even a wheelchair.

What material should I use for my walkway?

Here are some of the most used materials for walkways:

  • Gravel

  • Mulch

  • Stepping stones

  • Concrete

Your budget, the design you have in mind and traffic of the walkway will help you to decide which of these options will be the best fit for you.

Can I just lay pavers on grass?

Skipping the excavation of the ground, the prepping with the correct base and adding a bedding sand will only cause for the pavers to move around, sink overtime and even eventually crack, which could be dangerous and not a pleasing view for your backyard.

What if I have a small budget?

With a small budget you may have to get creative and practical, meaning that even when you want to have several walkways on your property you may have to choose wisely and start with the most important ones, like the one connecting the front yard with the back yard. Or if you have an area on the back of your property that needs to be accessed periodically you may want to invest in a walkway that allows you to get there even when the soil is wet during the rainy season.

Remember this can be an easy DIY project or not, depending on your knowledge, time and tools. If you decide this might be a project to leave in professional hands do not hesitate to contact Cervenka Masonry for a quick estimate. You can reach them by calling (704) 249 - 8055 or sending an email to

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