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Q&As about stamped concrete

If you are considering stamped concrete for your patio you may have some of this common questions in mind:

Q: Is stamp concrete a budget friendly option?

A: That will depend on your budget, but it is definitely more affordable than natural stone, brick and pavers.

Q: How long does stamped concrete last?

A: Concrete is durable and long lasting. It can last about 25 years.

Q: Does stamped concrete crack?

A: You have to take in consideration that, even when installers do their best to avoid future cracks by reinforcing the concrete at the time of installation, concrete will eventually crack. It is unrealistic to expect crack-free floors. Therefore, the American Concrete Institute recommends that every contractor should always advised their customers that it is normal to expect some amount of cracking on every project.

Q: Are there many options available for stamped concrete?

A: There is a wide variety of pattern and color choices when working with stamp concrete. Stamp concrete can look like stone, brick or even wood. It can be fun to bring a high end look for a fraction for the price.

Q: Can I do it myself?

A: Stamped concrete is very elaborated. In order to achieve a beautiful result for your patio project, it is probably a better idea to go with an experienced contractor.

if you have questions about your patio project or, if you are interested in a free estimate, please contact us by email to

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