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Can a Paver Patio be a Good Investment for your Home?

The answer is simple, yes! A patio, of any kind, can add beauty and commodity to your home, and it can help it to increase in value. Many experts consider that this type of home improvement can deliver a return investment anywhere between 30% to 60%.

Alina Kochergin, a realtor agent with eXp Realty, explains that in today’s market “you just might be able to recoup most of the cost!.”

It is safe to say that an outdoor space is a must for many homeowners. Kochergin affirms that “is definitely a plus if the patio is made out of pavers rather than just a slab”, and that many of her clients prefer that feature when looking to purchase a new home.

Even when the most common home improvements are the kitchen and bathroom areas, for the comfort that they offer to the homeowner, it is also important to mention that you must not neglect the outdoor area of any home, as it is becoming a more appealing space to share with family and friends in states like ours, due to the permitting weather.

If you have a blank canvas, or already some patio done, but want to upgrade it and make it a more functional space, we invite you to visit our project gallery to find some inspiration there. Remember that any improvement that you do to your home, it is for your benefit and enjoyment, and why not, to your advantage as well.

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