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New Beautiful Patio Designs

At Cervenka Masonry we are always thinking about our customers. If you are in the process of creating an outdoor space for your home but need some inspiration, we have created 6 different patio designs for you to choose from, or to adapt at your convenience. You can find all six of them at our Home Page Menu, by clicking Designs.

  • Outdoor Kitchen for the Grill Master

This option is very popular among many homeowners. To prepare delicious meals for family and friends can be a real treat with a beautiful outdoor kitchen. The average size can be 6’ L x 3’ H x 3’ D, with the option to include a green egg or even a bar for company. If the price is not in your budget, there are other affordable options like a slide-in kitchen. To know more about this option, please contact us via email or phone number.

  • Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace for Cozy Nights

Another favorite among homeowners. Either option is a great addition to any patio. A fire feature besides bringing warmth and comfort, can bring laughter while surrendering with good friends, great memories while making S’mores and endless romantic nights.

  • Smoker for the Ribs Lovers

Smoked meat is delicious and a hobby of many. Having your own smoker in your patio can be the perfect excuse for constant family gatherings.

  • Dining Area for Meals Al Fresco

A paver, flagstone, or concrete patio is indeed the number one feature for any outdoor space. Adding a beautiful walking space to your backyard can give you the opportunity to share new family meals.

To inquire about these or more other options, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at, by phone at 704-249-8055, or by visiting our facebook page.

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