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Selecting the right contractor for your project

There are few important things to keep in mind at the time to select the right company for your patio project. You want to make a good decision from the beginning.

1. The right company will keep you informed at all times. Communication with the client is key. A good contractor will let you know of a tentative start date and should be able to tell you how long the project would take to complete. Sometimes this may change due to the weather, but we always make sure to inform the client and work with them to adjust the time to their convenience.

2. A good contractor would complete your project. This may sound logic but you would be surprise at how many calls we get asking if we would take on an unfinish project. This is a big problem for the customer, because the answer to that question is that depends on the project and what they have done so far. It is complicated to continue somebody else's work, specially because we will have to make sure we are working with the correct base. To mention an example: If you hired a company to build a retaining wall for you and they started it but they didn't finish it, the new company cannot just come and continue building the wall. They will need to make sure it has the right foundation to be built on. If it doesn't, the new contractor will need to tear it down and start from the beginning. Otherwise they will be responsible for any problems with that project in the future.

3. The right contractor should be pleasant to work with. That means that you, the customer, should feel that he is involved in your project, available to take your calls and answer your questions, and also approachable and flexible to some changes.

Here is a quick list you should take in consideration when shopping around for a contractor for your patio project:

A) Check their reviews. It is always important to consider other people's experiences that had worked with them in the past.

B) Check their credentials. Ask for insurance and pictures of their work.

C) Last but not least, ask for at least three estimates and compare all the items above, not only their prices. As we mentioned before, when hiring someone to do your patio there is a lot more to consider than just their estimate. Good luck!

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