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Solutions to a not so flat yard problem

There it is! You finally found it. Your dream house is right there in front of you… with a not so flat yard. What do you do?

A sloped yard does not mean your patio cannot be functional and beautiful. If your house is seated on a hill, it means you may enjoy a view. The key here is to open your mind to a number of ideas that can make that space unique and practical.

It is important to know how steep the slope is. This information will help you to determine if a retaining wall, tiered planters, or steps are the best solutions for your yard.

  1. A Private Paradise

A tiered retaining wall can help to create flat planting areas, providing you the option of beauty and practicality.

Stone pavers are one the most recommended materials to build retaining walls due to its durability. If you decide to go with this option don’t forget that a good drainage system is necessary to protect the structure from cracking or getting ruined.

2. Stairs

If you find yourself challenged to reach that bottom portion of your property, this option can bring a nice balance to it. A set of stairs can be beautiful and functional, as it will help you to climb from the bottom to top of the yard.

A safe stone stair is usually 3’ L x 18’’ D x 7.5’’ H, and the final result can be designed to the taste of the homeowner and his vision for this portion of the yard.

3. Retaining Wall

A simple retaining wall may also help. If you are not ready to create that awesome space just yet, but you still need to deal with the issues that a sloped backyard will bring, a beautiful, functional, simple retaining wall may save the day.

Now that you know some of your options, feel free to contact us at 704-249-8055 for an estimate. Let us help you to create that special place at home today.

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