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Stay in the Shade

Oh man! It can get really hot and sunny in the Carolinas! With that in mind our client, D, contacted us once he was ready to move forward with his dream patio at his new house.

D worked closely with a designer, who helped him to incorporate beauty and functionality to this great outdoor project. They started by selecting the must have features. Among the winners was an outdoor kitchen for summer barbecues, a wood burning fire pit for the cool nights, and an 8' x 13’ pergola to allow him to enjoy the patio all year long.

The project began with the construction of the pergola. Right away our team dive into this project measuring and cutting according to the design.

If you are a homeowner interested in building a pergola in your property you first need to find out if you have a Homeowners Association (HOA) in your neighborhood. If you do, you will have to contact them to inquire about permits and requirements prior to starting any type of construction.

If approved or allowed, then contact an experienced subcontractor in pergolas to help you understand the material options. Keep in mind that some types of wood are better quality than others, some might be easier to stain than others, and prices will go according to the quality and durability of the material.

A pergola, or any type of roof, is the perfect way to invest in your patio area. It will expand your outdoor living space providing more comfort to the time you spend outside while protecting you from the elements.

It also brings beauty to the backyard, letting you decorate a fun space using string lights, or adding a more formal space with ceiling fans.

The project continued with the patio featuring Belgard pavers in Savannah color, followed by the outdoor grill with granite counter tops, refrigerator, grill and a green egg.

A seating area and a dining space complement perfectly the space making it fun and functional for all type of occasions.

If you are thinking of expanding your outdoor living space at home, please give us a call at 704-249-8055, or by email to We can walk you throughout the process, from finding the perfect patio design to bringing it to life.

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