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How to design your own patio

Patios are important for a number of reasons, from practicality (you can do numerous activities and have numerous landscape features on it) to assets (patios are seen by many in real estate as a great home investment). A functional outdoor space is becoming more and more vital for homeowners to even list them among their top 3 areas when looking to buy a house or to renovate/invest in their homes, along with kitchens and bathrooms.

If you have made up your mind and decided that you want to invest in that outdoor space for you and your family but you're not quite sure yet where to start or how to design the space, here are some ideas to take in consideration according to your needs, wants and budget.

At Cervenka Masonry we have designed 6 different patio ideas for you to pick and choose from, showing numerous features that can adapt to your outdoor living style. Feel free to play with those designs and modify them to your liking until you create that perfect space for you.

If after reviewing our 6 designs you are still not sure what features you want to include in your patio, here are some pointers that can help you to reduce the options.

  1. Start by asking yourself - How big do I want my patio to be?

You will have to check how much space you have available and what areas you want to include. Do you want a dining area, or just a lounge area? Or both perhaps? This is important to know to select the furniture you want to include in that designated space.

2. What features do I want to have in my patio?

If you are already investing, try to create an outdoor space that can be use during all 4 seasons. Adding a fire feature like a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace will guarantee you fun hours outdoors, even during the cold months. If you love to entertain and be surrounded by family and friends, seating areas are crucial in your patio design. Seating walls are great additions and space savers to any patio size. And if you are quite the chef, how about a pizza oven in your own backyard?

3. I love the sun!… but how about some shade?

The beauty about this feature is that it can be modified over time. If your budget doesn’t allow a roof or a pergola just yet, you can get away with a great umbrella. Just a quick internet search will show you an incredible number of options in many sizes, colors and shapes.

4. Last, but not least. A space to rest.

Don’t forget to design a space where you can find peace and relaxation right outside your back door. To create this space is fairly simple. Just add some plants, flowers, maybe some outdoor décor and why not, maybe even a hammock!. Enjoy!

For questions and estimates, please contact Cervenka Masonry via email at, or by phone at 704-249-8055.

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